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How to Automatically Get 100 or More Free Twitter Followers Daily

How to Automatically Get 100 or More Free Twitter Followers Daily

Why would you want to get more Twitter followers? What purpose does it serve? And what steps should you take to increase your Twitter followers? These are questions often asked by normal users, brands and business owners who not only see Twitter as a means of social interaction but an effective marketing platform.
With the information you have in this article, you're sure of adding at least daily 100 or more free Twitter followers to your Twitter account. The only problem I have with this applications is that they do not allow you the liberty of adding followers with the interests you desire.

So, how do you automatically get 100 or more free Twitter followers daily? The procedures have to do with a couple of sites with the same designs and steps. No sign up is needed, you just sign in with your Twitter username and password. Hey! Wait for this one, these websites are totally free. You might as well get to notice some increase in the number of those you are following a bit.
NOTE: These websites are not affiliated with or endorsed by

1. Follow Back>>>
2. Hit Follow>>>>
3. New Follow>>>>
4. Plus Follower>>
5. Spreadyourtweets which I will talk more about below;
SpreadYourTweets is a Twitter application that helps to increase your following and followers on your Twitter account, and will only post a single tweet on login. There is nothing much to talk about SpreadYourTweets, one thing is certain with this Twitter application, your followers will increase immensely.

With SpreadYourTweets, its either you are a Premium Member or Regular Tweeter.
1. Regular Tweeter: This is always free. You will get 60 new followers per ride. Promotional status updates.
2. Premium Member: Now only £4.95. New followers every minute. Ad free and instant activation.

SpreadYourTweets does not send messages or alter account details. Since I have not tried out the premium account to increase my Twitter followers, I would advice that you stick to the regular tweeter which is free and you can use it up to three times daily. Note: SpreadYourTweets is not affiliated with Twitter.
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