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What is ? is the #1 Twitter Web App you should stick to if you want to make a difference online. It's the simple yet powerful web Twitter App through which you carry your tweets (aka messages) to the profiles of other members. This application has FIVE main features:

  1. Retweet: This phase of the application helps you get your your stories and links to the profiles of other members as they retweet. Create your tweets and others will start retweeting.
  2. Recommendations: This is a very cool feature where members get recommended. Members send tweets to their followers recommending other members based on their different keywords
  3. Followers: Beside retweeting, you will be listed in the Follow section of the application and other members will decide to follow you to earn some credits.
  4. Twitter Info: EasyRetweet is also the Twitter info site where fresh and useful Twitter information is published (News, applications review, tutorials, events, etc). Members are allowed to publish articles including links,images,banners and videos creating for themselves an additional source of traffic and backlinks.
  5. Website Hits: Add your website to our database and members will click to visit and take action

How does it work?
Simple! Once you sign up for free through Twitter, you will have two Accounts:
1) Follow Account: This is the main account and where the follow activities are located.
2) Retweet (Secondary) Account: This is the account where you create and manage your retweets.

When you retweet for others, you instantly earn credits into your Retweet Account. When you follow others, you earn credits to your Follow Account.

How many followers do I need to join ?
You need 60 and above and your Twitter account must be 30 days+ old

Can I advertise on this site ?
Yes! As a member, you are free to advertise according to our tos.

How do I get credits?
There are several ways to get credits:
- ReTweet others' messages
- Follow others
- Buy credits to your follow account.
- Refer members and earn more credits
- Join our list and earn instant credits. We send out free credit vouchers regularly.
- We are currently working on other ways of having free credits so keep your eyes open

Some members don't have followers. How do I stop them from retweeting my message?
We are giving the opportunity to everyone (including those wilt 65 followers) to be able to pull traffic to their web pages. However, those with a very limited number of followers may not be able to retweet to earn credits. So while creating the message to be retweeted, use the RTBase feature to set the minimum number of followers a member should have before being able to retweet your message.

Why don't I see messages to retweet ?
To protect members for unnecessary retweeting, we have provided a smart feature to enable them detirmine who can retweet based on the number of followers. If you do not see messages to retweet, it means you don't have enough followers to retweet the messages that are currently active.

Can I publish just any article ?
No. We only accept articles related to Twitter.

Who are your publishers??
Our publishers are simply our members. Sign up now and you are qualified to be one of them

For more enquiries, please contact us