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Your Social Wardrobe. Share your outfits with real people & get instant feedback. Find new fashion inspiration & chat with other fashionistas.


Just Madonna lyrics from all her songs tweet after tweet over and over I get up again over and over...


A simple way to capture your selfies and to share them with the world via the Selfielicious App.


Marilyn Monroe fan account. All tweets are intended to inspire.


News, information, pics and updates about Titanic II


With the Dealo app you can download, register, list or buy within 30 seconds for free!

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How it works

EasyReTweet is an excellent Twitter Web App and traffic tool that helps Twitter users pull huge traffic to their links.


Imagine you, a member of EasyRetweet have 60 followers and Paul, a member too has 50 000 followers. You create your message and Paul retweets it to his followers to earn your credits. Without EasyRetweet, Paul may never retweet your message to his 50 000 followers. What if 20 members with 10 000+ followers retweet your message? That means huge traffic for you. That's a summary of EasyRetweet.

To Add your Messages

1 - First, you need a Twitter account which can be gotten free. Go to

2 - Come back to and click the Twitter sign up button

3 - You will be taken to Twitter's secured page. Authorize the application to gain access

4 - You will be redirected to

5 - While in your account, click 'Retweets'

6 - Click Add Retweets to add a message or View My RT to view/delete existing messages

7 - If you add a message, it will be instantly available for other members to start retweeting.

To add your Blog
Click on Blog Articles , then on Add blog Rss
Enter your blog rss link and our script will automatically pick your latest posts and add to our database

Once a member, you get listed to be followed by others. Click 'Gain Followers' to change your follow options and follow others to earn more credits.


This is one powerful tool to generate traffic to your site. This is traffic from real people who click to view your pages. Conversion will depend on your landing page. Click ' Website Hits' and add your sites or browse other sites to earn credits


To add more credits to your account:

- Retweet others' messages and blog posts

- Follow others

- Browse websites

- Purchase credits


How to encourage members to retweet your messages

- Be friendly and clear in your messages. Don't sound like a bot

- Write short messages

- Retweet others'

- Offer encouraging amount of credits